Franchising is growing strongly in Britain

Franchising is growing strongly in Britain

The climate for franchising

Business format franchising is growing strongly in Britain and the rest of the world as a
successful way in which companies can expand and people can get into business for
themselves with less risk.

Sales of products or services through franchised outlets in the UK have grown from under £1bn in 1984 to £9.3bn according to the industry’s annual survey sponsored by NatWest for the British Franchise
Association. The number of different franchise systems and franchised outlets in the UK has also increased substantially.

Franchising is also growing in other countries around the world and particularly in continental Europe. It is a system which makes it easier for companies to expand internationally and some franchising companies are now among the largest multinational operations in the world.

Franchising in the UK has, over the past decade, become an established industry with a well respected
reputation. There is no regulatory legislation which specifically applies to franchising, as there is in the US, but the industry has a trade body, the British Franchise Association, which sets the standards for the
business conduct of franchising companies.

The banks in Britain, led by NatWest, have also added their support to the development of franchising. They have found that there is less risk in lending to franchisees than to people starting up non-franchised businesses.

The business climate in Britain is now conducive for franchising. If you have a successful business which you would like to expand, this may be the time to consider the franchise route.

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