Sponsor a section on

Sponsor a section on

There are great opportunities for businesses to sponsor sections on

The sponsored sections include:

Training coursesTraining, which includes all kinds of training services, from college to company training to local government to community projects.
Call Glen Izard: Telephone: 020 7654 7794

Courses: If you organise courses, promote other people's courses - this is the website for you.
Call Glen Izard: Telephone: 020 7654 7794

Franchising is a great way to get into a tried and tested business. We have access to Britains most hard-working section of the community who are keenly interested in getting into business.
Call Glen Izard: Telephone: 020 7654 7794

Voluntary workVoluntary Work:
Our telephones are contantly ringing with young and not-so-young people enquiring about getting into volunraty work, especially oversdeas. Call Glen Izard: Telephone: 020 7654 7794

Charity WorkCharity Work:
WE all should put back a little of what we have got. Charity work is a sure way to do that. If you need charity workers or promotew charities where help is needed.  Call Glen Izard: Tel 020 7654 7794

Talk to Glen Izard, senior web advertising consultant, regarding sponsorhip opportunities on Telephone: 020 7654 7794
Our send an email.
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The world's largest maker of personal computers, is to cut 27,000 jobs by end of 2014 »

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The Gurkhas who have been on the forefront of battles for the British Army in Afghanistan and Falklands are to face the axe in UK's latest defence ministry redundancy programmes. »

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